Surework Home Care Solutions: Crafting Compassionate In-Home Care in Malahat, BC

Surework Home Care Solutions

Malahat, British Columbia, Canada

Full time

CA$18-20 (hourly)

In Home Care


Aug 31

We want to make sure every senior can have a comfortable and safe retirement in their own home. This is why Surework Home Care Solutions has a team of kind and compassionate caregivers in Malahat, Vancouver Island, BC. They work hard to give the best care to seniors in the area.

Right now, we are looking for more caregivers to join us. If you have what it takes to be an excellent senior caregiver, we would love for you to apply. Here are some things you might do every day:

  • Help with shopping and errands
  • Go with seniors to their medical appointments and other places
  • Cook meals
  • Keep their home tidy
  • Assist with personal care like getting dressed
  • Make sure they take their medicine and help with different medical needs
  • Do activities together and be a friendly companion


Here are some important things we're looking for:

  • Friendly, caring, and patient
  • Good at reading, writing, and talking in English
  • Completed at least secondary education
  • With a valid driver's license
  • Good physical shape


Why Surework Should Be Your Choice When Hiring a Caregiver

When finding qualified caregivers in Malahat, Vancouver Island, BC, Surework stands as your reliable ally. Our commitment extends beyond the norm as we present the Caregiver Immigration Program – a pathway designed to streamline the process of recruiting in-country caregivers. This commitment ensures that your senior loved one is given the high level of care they rightfully deserve.

Our distinct caregiver LMIA pathway simplifies the hiring of foreign caregivers in Canada. In as little as 3 to 6 months, you can connect with an experienced caregiver ready to deliver unparalleled support. What's more, this caregiver has the opportunity to transition into a permanent resident, assuring a continuum of exceptional care for your beloved seniors.

By hiring a foreign caregiver dedicated to building their lives in Canada, you secure the services of a professional who wholeheartedly understands the unique needs of seniors. This pledge forms the bedrock of trust, familiarity, and dependability, culminating in a level of care that consistently exceeds expectations.

Recognizing the urgency often accompanying the need for in-home caregiver assistance, we extend our offering to immediate live-in care. This ensures your senior loved one receives unwavering support without any interruptions.

At Surework, we're committed to delivering cost-effective caregiver solutions that are remarkable and accessible. Our mission transcends the present, striving to carve a better future for caregivers and seniors. Contact us today to learn more about the Caregiver Immigration Program in Malahat, Vancouver Island, BC. Together, let's uphold a standard of care that's nothing short of extraordinary for our seniors.

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