Surework is Hiring: Help Seniors at Home in Lake Cowichan, BC

Surework Home Care Solutions

Cowichan Lake, Lake Cowichan, British Columbia, Canada

Full time

CA$18-20 (hourly)

In Home Care


Aug 23

Surework Home Care Solutions is looking for enthusiastic people who want to improve seniors' lives. We believe that seniors should be able to enjoy their retirement in the comfort of their own homes. Our team in Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island, BC, has been taking good care of seniors in Canada for over ten years.

As a person who helps seniors at home, your job will involve different tasks to keep the seniors safe and happy. This could mean doing chores around the house or ensuring the seniors feel comfortable.

You'll need to do important things like running errands, cooking meals, and buying groceries. You'll also spend time with the seniors, doing something they enjoy. And sometimes, you might help them do exercises or go to the doctor. It's essential to keep them safe.

To do this job, you must pass a background check and be good at speaking and writing in English. Being kind, patient, and positive is essential to give the best care to seniors. Having completed secondary education also shows you're serious about growing and learning.

Join our Surework team in Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island, BC. Get in touch with us today. Remember, we're looking for people who live in Canada right now.

Why Choose Surework to Hire a Caregiver?

Surework is here to help you find qualified caregivers in Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island, BC. We offer the Caregiver Immigration Program to make senior care easy and affordable for them and their families.

Through the LMIA caregiver pathway, you can hire foreign caregivers already in Canada in just 3 to 6 months. Because they can become permanent residents, they can stay with you longer and understand what your senior loved ones need. But if you need help right away, you can initially hire a local caregiver for immediate live-in care. This way, there's always someone to help them.

At Surework, we want to make sure you get excellent and cost-effective caregiving solutions. We want to make life better for everyone. Contact us today to learn more about the Caregiver Immigration Program in Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island, BC. Together, we can make sure seniors receive excellent care.

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