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Should You Hire Caregivers without Experience?

According to Canadian Medical Association, the industry requires a sufficient number of home support workers to meet the 53 percent increase in the demand for home care by 2031. Can your agency keep up? Is it time for you to hire caregivers without experience? 

Here’s the scenario…

Every day, you receive hundreds of caregiver job applications. However, the majority come from applicants with no caregiver experience. If only they had the experience, hiring would have been easier for you. Your home care agency would not have to deal with caregiver shortages. But, you are almost tempted to give applicants without experience a try. You are only afraid that your company may suffer. So, you throw away that idea. You can’t hire people without experience. 

But you can!

It is true. You can’t hire just anyone when senior care is the service your home care agency offers. Hiring caregivers without experience does not mean you will accept just about anyone who applies. Of course, they will have to undergo a thorough assessment.  

Screening and Evaluating Caregiver Candidates

Performing the in-depth screening of applicants helps you discover people with experience as family caregivers, which does not count as work experience. However, it’s the type of experience you are looking for, only that it is not a paid or formal experience. They cared for their parents or grandparents for several years; thus, they have the skills to do grooming and bathing, housekeeping, managing medications, cooking, and accompanying them to doctor visits. These are all too important experiences in caregiving.

Some applicants worked in a related field; therefore, they know how to assist with toileting and incontinence issues, grooming and bathing, and caring for sick patients. Others can provide non-medical services and are passionate about caring for the elderly.

As an employer, you can provide them with the necessary skills training so they are ready to take on the challenges of becoming caregivers. In addition, other home care agencies are already hiring caregivers even without experience. Therefore, do not let this chance pass. All you need is to perform an in-depth assessment of applicants, and in no time, you’ll find qualified candidates.

Start by posting a job today.  

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