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Recruitment in the 21st Century: Find Caregivers in Victoria BC Today

Struggling to find enough caregivers in Victoria BC to fill all your vacancies? It could be that your methods are simply outdated. Adapting to the times is necessary for any business to survive these days.

Check out these approaches that can help make recruitment in the 21st century a success:

1. Mobile

Searching the web using our mobile phones has become the norm. Primarily because of convenience - we can do so while watching our favourite TV show, eating a meal or while commuting. So if your website isn’t mobile responsive you will definitely be missing out on plenty of exposure to potential job applicants.

According to a Glassdoor study, ensuring your site is mobile compatible can increase the number of job applications you receive by 11.6 percent. It added that making the process easier for those who use their smartphone helps employers compete for talent.

Another plus that the mobile-friendly job search has for a busy home care agency like yours, is that you can immediately review resumes or candidate profiles and respond to their applications. Responding soonest to applications will increase your chances of hiring qualified candidates. Also, it builds your home care company’s credibility. 

2. Social Media

Using social media as one of your recruitment tools is smart, because not only can you find and hire qualified caregiver candidates, but you also get to market your brand.

You can post your caregiver job ads on your social media channels. You will have transparency on the applicants applying through these channels because you will be able to assess not only their applications, but also their public profiles. A CareerBuilder survey revealed that 70% of employers made use of social media to screen job applicants and 54% made a decision not to hire people based on their profiles.

Remember that job seekers can be quite meticulous as well when looking for employers to work with. For this reason, you also have to set up the company’s online profile and post images and content that will make the organization look professional and trustworthy. Through social postings, you can reveal how you create a positive culture within the organization that will, subsequently, encourage potential candidates to apply.

On social media, ask your hiring manager to join groups and forums related to your home care business. You can promote your company on these platforms and you can get connected to top talents as they typically allow job postings.      

3. Video

Regardless of the size, businesses, including home care companies, now turn to video as one of the strategies used for recruitment in the 21st century. It makes the hiring process easier for them and for candidates. For one, initial interviews can be done through video calls. Hiring managers can easily screen and invite applicants who are qualified for the next phase of recruitment. The Main Line shared that the use of video for screening and interviews has reduced the time spent on emails, messages, and phone calls. This, in the process, eliminates travel time and cost.

More importantly, businesses can also benefit from videos as a way to introduce the company to job seekers. Posting videos on the company website and social media channels allow them to learn more about your home care company and understand your vision and mission. Through videos, you can also share with them how you care for your employees. Yes, this technique combines job hiring and marketing as you do not only encourage candidates to apply you are also able to create and boost your brand identity.

Reading the strategies that will make your recruitment in the 21st century successful, one thing comes to mind: technology. Technology has taken over to make both staffing and marketing work best for your company. If your current recruitment process in hiring caregivers in Victoria BC does not include mobile, video, and social media, it’s time for you to adapt.