Hiring Tips

Tips to Recruit Passive Caregiver Candidates

If you are looking at hiring experienced caregivers, you must focus on attracting passive candidates. Passive candidates are not actively searching for caregiver jobs but have the skills and experience that fit your requirements. So, how do you recruit passive caregiver candidates? Below are some tips.

1. Ask for referrals from your current caregivers

Employee referrals will shorten the recruitment process for you as it will only take you between 35 and 40 days to fill a position. Without them, the average time will be 60 days. Therefore, talk to your current caregivers and ask for referrals to speed up the process. They likely have friends or acquaintances that are in the same profession.

Of course, you must understand that referrals are not actively seeking a job. They will only consider applying if someone they trust tells them about your job opening and, more importantly, about your company.

2. Connect with passive candidates through social media

Another way to recruit passive caregiver candidates is to use your social media channels. LinkedIn, for example, is an excellent platform because you can refine your caregiver profile search according to keywords, locations, industries, job titles, and others. Connect with potential job candidates so they will become aware of your company and your job openings. You may also use Twitter and Facebook groups for the same purpose.

3. Build a network by posting job ads on niche job boards

A niche job board, such as Caregiver Jobs Victoria, helps you find strong candidates as it is industry and/or geographically focused. Therefore, it attracts candidates with the experience and skills you are looking for. More importantly, it helps you save time and effort on the review process as you only get applicants already working in the industry or area where the job is required.

You may say that passive candidates are not actively searching for a job. That’s true. However, we all know that employed people are casually browsing job listings. So, they may consider applying if they can find your job postings on industry-related job sites and the job description appeals to them.    

You must recruit passive caregiver candidates when active candidates are not enough to fill your open positions. However, passive candidates, as we say earlier, are not actively in a job search. But you can encourage them to apply using the strategies above.