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Posting Job Ads on Job Boards: Why it’s Still Relevant

Are you still posting job ads on job boards?

Some hiring professionals think that the use of job boards in recruitment is no longer relevant. Because people are applying through social media and businesses are posting jobs on their platform. However, posting job ads on job boards is still very much relevant.

According to global research executive director of Staffing Industry Analysts, John Nurthen, they anticipated job boards to grow by nearly twice the rate of the industry of global staffing. Additionally, eQuest revealed that 18% or one out of six people hired applied through job board postings. On social media, on the other hand, the result was only 2.9%.

Below are the benefits offered by job sites:

Job boards work well with social media.

When you combine job boards and social media, you get a bigger network of candidates.

On the job board, you get connected to active candidates—those who rely on job sites to look for a job. Subsequently, when you share your job posting on your social media channels, you get connected to both—active and passive candidates—those who are working but are open to new opportunities that may come their way.

Niche job sites are available.

When posting job ads on job boards, you can also benefit from using niche job sites. These are job sites that focus on your industry and provide job seekers with relevant job postings. Some or most niche job sites may not be free, but it’s still worth spending on them because they are attracting relevant candidates. Yes, job seekers are more likely to choose niche job boards because they know their applications are more likely to get noticed. For instance, if you are looking for caregivers, give priority to caregiver job sites like Caregiver Jobs Victoria because the potentials to attract caregiver applicants are high.

Job sites help improve your online visibility.

Posting job ads on job boards is a part of off-site SEO campaigns because job sites help you build and improve your company’s online presence.

As you add your site link to the ads you posted on job sites, you are building external links, which search engines regard as third-party votes. This is the reason external links become one of the most significant sources of ranking power. Additionally, job boards let you create an online company profile. So, the more job boards you register to, the bigger your online presence will become.

There are many more reasons why posting job ads on job boards are still relevant even with the presence of social media. Post your job ad now and let your company benefit from both recruitment and marketing.