Job Search Tips

5 Most Common Job Application Mistakes

Screening hundreds upon hundreds of resumes, Caregiver Jobs Victoria could quickly identify the five most common job application mistakes. If you are guilty of one or more items, it's high time that you avoid repeating those mistakes.

Improperly naming your resume file

Often, you are asked to upload your resume file instead of filling out an application form. Excitedly, you uploaded it without even bothering to change the file name. Instead, it read "resume template," "resume 1," or "CV template 1". When the hiring manager sees this, you are already making a wrong first impression. So instead, change the file name to your name before uploading. For instance, make it 'Candice Fletcher Resume' or 'Candice Fletcher Full Time Caregiver Resume.' Then, the hiring manager can immediately identify you.

Sending a fit-for-all resume

Job qualifications vary per employer. For example, suppose you are applying to multiple companies. In that case, you must customize each resume you send according to each employer's requirements. By doing that, you highlight your qualifications for each job position. 

More importantly, make sure that the file you upload is correct. Unfortunately, there are instances that we still receive resumes with correction marks.

No summary of qualifications

You'll need to include a summary of qualifications on your resume because it is essential. In addition, it is your direct response to the requirements of employers. In this section, you write why you are qualified for the job.

Worse, some applicants even submit an incomplete resume—work experience only. So make time to learn how to write a comprehensive and attractive resume if you are looking forward to getting an interview call.

Applying when you know you are not qualified

Do you think the more employers you apply to, the more chances you have to get hired? You're mistaken. Apply only to jobs where you are qualified. Do not apply if you know that you are not. Save your time; instead, continue searching for jobs where you are competent enough to deliver the requirements.

Work experience in chronological order

Hiring managers immediately check work experiences, particularly the most current ones. Therefore, you must write your work experiences in reverse chronological order—your latest job on top and the oldest ones at the bottom.


Are you guilty of one or all of these most common job application mistakes? Then, improve your chances of getting hired. It is time to avoid these mistakes and impress the hiring managers with your appealing and flawless resume.