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Make Your Resume as a Caregiver Stand Out

According to Glassdoor, each job opening attracts 250 resumes on average. Unfortunately, out of this number, only 4 or 5 are called for the initial interview, and only one will get the job. For this reason, it's essential that your resume immediately grabs the attention of employers or recruiters.

Below is a list to help you make your resume as a caregiver stand out:

Customize your resume.

Don't submit a template resume. With hundreds or even thousands of resumes that they have read, they can quickly tell if what you have is a one-size-fits-all resume. This is why it's crucial to make an effort to customize yours. According to a CareerBuilder survey, one of the reasons recruiters will reject candidates is that resumes aren't personalized.  

Use keywords in your resume.

Zip Recruiters identified the top 10 skills and qualifications employers use in their job postings. If you use these terms, your resume will promptly capture their attention. These are:

·        Housekeeping

·        Bathing

·        Grooming

·        CNA (use this only if applicable to you)

·        Behavior analysis (use this only if applicable to you)

·        Elderly care

·        HHA

·        Developmental disability

·        Laundry services

·        Caregiving

Another way to find the right keywords for your resume is to check the words used in the job description of the job ad you are interested in. This will help show the employers that you have the basic skills needed for the job.

Highlight your accomplishments.

It's natural for you to write your previous positions to inform employers that you have related work experience. However, you must realize that all the other candidates do the same. How can you make your resume as a caregiver stand out if you are just like everyone else? Focus on what you have achieved so far as a caregiver. Here are some samples:

·        Received citation from supervisor due to exceptional senior care

·        Maintained 100% punctuality and 100% safe-driving record

·        Offered outstanding elderly care to patients with dementia and disabilities

Keep your resume short.

Remember, you submit a resume—not a script about your life. If it's too long, chances are high that they won't even bother reading it. So keep your resume short yet interesting. Because it only takes a typical hiring manager 7.4 seconds to review a resume, make sure that it will only take the recruiter 7 seconds or less to know how qualified you are for the position.

If you try to customize your resume, use all the relevant keywords, and highlight your achievements, you can make your resume as a caregiver stand out. It may take a long time to write it, but what's important is that you increase your chances of receiving the call for an interview and who knows, you might even be hired after!

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