Job Posting Tips

Job Posting Tips: How to Attract Qualified Candidates

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but your job postings are still not getting enough applicants? Perhaps it’s time to try new strategies. To help you manage your time and resources better, we’ve put together a list of job posting tips to attract qualified candidates.

1. Optimize your ad content.

Use keywords to optimize your job ads. We recommend doing some research to find the keywords most likely to be used by users in regards to your job. This will up the chances of your ads appearing on the search result and of you receiving applications from qualified candidates.

For instance, if you want to post a caregiving job ad, include keywords like: “senior caregiver”, “dementia care”, “bathing and grooming”, “companionship,” or “housekeeping”. Search engine robots will find these keywords relevant to a caregiver’s job search and include your job ad on the results pages.

By optimizing your ad content, you are also driving traffic to your website.

2. Provide all the details.

An important job posting tip to attract qualified candidates is to avoid vagueness when creating your job ad. Indicate clearly which qualifications you are looking for and provide a definite job description and a list of the expected duties and responsibilities. This will ensure that informed and qualified candidates will apply.

Avoid overstuffing your job posting with information. This could leave the individual feeling overwhelmed and they will likely ignore your job ad and proceed to the next one.

3. Make your job title eye-catching.

During a job search, the first thing that job seekers notice on the search results is the job titles. Try your best to make your job ad title interesting and compelling so that seekers will be drawn to your ad. Additionally, you could also include location, particularly if the open position is limited to a specific city or state. For instance “Senior Caregiver Victoria BC – Full-Time”. This way, your job ad will likely appear on the top search results for caregivers who wanted to find senior caregiver jobs in Victoria BC.

4. Make the application process easier.

Keep the application process as short and painless as possible to avoid applicants giving up halfway. Make sure to collect the necessary information for the initial application but leave the in-depth questions and background check for the interview. 

5. Give them an idea of what they can expect from the company and the job.

To attract more job applicants, share information about the company, job, and other things that will answer the question “What’s in it for me?”.

Remember, they are not only looking for a job. They’re also looking forward to building a rewarding career and joining a workplace they can end up calling family.

Reveal the compensation and benefits that await successful applicants and attract them with positive company culture. Forbes writes that giving importance to the wellness of employees, promoting social connections, and being a good listener are only some of the ways to building a happy workplace environment.

Don’t waste your resources by creating job ads that don’t attract relevant job candidates. Instead, make your job postings successful by creating a job ad that will immediately grab the attention of qualified applicants. It will also be incredibly beneficial to you to post your job on a niche job site like Caregiver Jobs Victoria.