Hiring Tips

How to Effectively Recruit Caregivers in Victoria, BC

Is your home care agency experiencing hardship in finding qualified caregivers? Well, you are not alone—and Caregiver Jobs Victoria is here to help you by giving tips on how to make recruiting caregivers in Victoria, BC, easier and faster.

1. Launch an employee referral program.

An employee referral program is a great way to motivate current employees (as they will receive an incentive) and successfully hire qualified caregivers. The conversion rate from applicant to hire is higher at 40%.

According to Home Care Pulse, a typical employee referral program in 2017 offers $100. However, you can increase this amount to encourage more caregivers to participate.

2. Post job ads on caregiver job sites.

Caregivers look for job ad postings on all job boards to maximize their chances of finding better job opportunities. However, they prioritize caregiver job sites when searching for caregiver jobs because they are sure to find relevant job openings on these niche job sites. Therefore, post your job ads on caregiver job sites like Caregiver Jobs Victoria to increase your hiring chances.

3. Post your job opening on your website.

As a hiring manager, you tend to exert all your efforts off-site to recruit caregivers in Victoria, BC, faster. However, don’t forget that caregivers are also checking out home care company websites like yours. So naturally, they expect to see career pages where they can see relevant job openings.

Post your job openings on your website. More importantly, optimize your content so Google and other search engines may include this page on the user’s job search results.

4. Benefit from the power of word-of-mouth advertisement.

Home Care Pulse also recommends promoting your home care company. As you market your agency, people, particularly caregivers, will get to know you and talk about you. You have several ways to do this. First, give out shirts with your logo printed on them prominently. Keep your social media accounts active and create posts encouraging caregivers in Victoria, BC, to engage in a conversation. Likewise, sponsor community events and speak at local events.

5. Post your job openings on your social media channels.

Social media also helps a lot with recruitment. Caregivers check out the social media accounts of home care agencies for job opportunities. In addition, you can be creative with your post—something you can’t do when posting your jobs on job boards.

There are many more ways to increase your chances of hiring qualified caregivers, but the above should give you a good head start into more effective hiring. Also, don’t forget to post your job ad on our platform.

Good luck with your caregiver search!