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How to Attract Caregivers to Work for Your Home Care Agency

Canada will have over 3,000 home care companies by 2023. On the other hand, it expects a 53 percent increase in the demand for home care by 2031. Therefore, you can expect tough competition in hiring caregivers. So how can you attract quality caregivers to work for your home care agency? Check out the below tips.

Post engaging caregiver job ads.

Job postings are your first connections to potential candidates. Therefore, make sure that you write eye-catching job ads. However, do not forget that it must indicate the job requirements accurately. It would be best if you enumerated all the job duties and the traits of the caregivers you are looking for. Likewise, it must include work hours, salary, benefits (if any), and others. If possible, write information about your agency, including awards you received. In the process, they will quickly get interested in your agency.

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Choose popular recruiting channels.

Post your job ads on caregiver job boards like Caregiver Jobs Victoria because it drives targeted traffic. The applications you will receive will already come from caregiver candidates. You will save time evaluating applications. Likewise, ask for referrals from your existing caregivers and offer them incentives. Finally, share your job postings on your social media accounts.

Give them a reason to work and stay.

Set your home care agency apart from the others. It will help if you give caregiver candidates reasons to work for you and, eventually, stay. Offer them competitive salaries and benefits. Allow them to grow by constantly providing training.  

Build a connection with them.

From time to time, have a chat with them. Share your experiences and how you decided to establish a home care agency. Let them know of the struggles you had. All of these things will serve as an inspiration to your caregivers, new or not. 

It is also essential to ask about how they are doing with their work whenever you see them. Make them feel comfortable about sharing their concerns with you. Ask for their feedback and teach them ways they can improve. All of these will make them feel valued.


Attracting quality caregivers to work for your home care agency does not begin and end with job postings. There are other things you must consider, like the ones mentioned above.

Image by d4rkwzd from Pixabay